Learnign English through Art & Theatre


        Learning English through Theatre:

 While I've been trained in writing, I have a deep connection and a background with a bachelor's degree in Theatre. I love how it communicates deeply into the world. And most of all, It's really Great and Amazing how You can learn another language, like English, efficiently through Theatre. Developing Acting skills & a Fluent English Pronunciation.


* Happy Easter Holy Week Special! ~ Admissions are Open Now *

Tickets for Story Telling ~ from March 26th to April 5th, 2024.


FOR MARCH 26TH, 2024.   

The rest of the week, Tickets cost 3€ per Entry.

 Open Admissions:  

2023 ~ 2024

Admissions are Still Open:

Contact us at: +34 688 85 96 36 & Make sure to Save Your Spot.

2023 ~ 2024

Brochure (page 1):

Full Enrollment /Matrícula Completa:

2023 ~ 2024

  Brochure (page 2):

Fun Summer Classes

* Fun English Summer Camp 2024 - Donostia *

  Fun Summer Camp with Fluent English Doris K.

 (From June 25th to July 31st of 2024):

El Gran Objetivo de este Campamento es de Motivar y Enseñar a Vuestr@s Hij@s a Hablar Inglés con más Fluidez, y de Disfrutar del Verano al Máximo. Trabajando en cada habilidad Lingüística a través de Métodos altamente Creativos y Divertidos. 

The Primary Goal of this Camp is to Inspire and Teach your Children to Speak English More Fluently, and to Enjoy the Summer to the Fullest. Working on every Language skill through highly Creative and Fun Methods. 

Para el Concepto de Cuota de Admisión, hay que hacer un Pago de 30€ (con el descuento incluido) para Asegurar su Espacio. El plazo de Admisiones finaliza el 23 de Junio, 2024 (dependiendo de la disponibilidad de espacios). 

In order to Reserve Your Space, you must Pay €30 (with the discount included) for Admission fees. The period of Admissions concludes on June 23rd, 2024 (depending on space availability).

El Pago de la Matrícula Completa será desde el 3 de Junio, hasta el 23 de Junio, 2024. The Full Registration Payment will be from June 3rd to June 23rd, 2024.

*los Precios Pueden variar.

El proceso de Admisiones Estará Abierto a partir de Marzo 15, 2024. 

Para Apuntarse e Inscribirse:

Llamar, Enviar mensaje por Whatsapp o Escribir a Nuestro Correo Electrónico.

Tel: (+34) 688 85 96 36    Email: dkfluentenglish@gmail.com

Summer Admissions /  Admisiones para Verano 

Call or Write an Email to Get Registered Soon!

This Summer will be the Most Fun you'll ever have, while Learning Great Fluent English; Meeting new Friends with Great Experiences to Remember  through all the year. You'll Want to Sign up to Continue with this Excellent Experience for the full Course, after Summer, when it's time to go

Back to School. :)

StoryTelling Presentations ~ Cuenta Cuentos en Inglés

para Cumpleaños y Actividades Especiales

English Courses for Adults and Teenagers

Extracurricular Classes for Teenagers

Extracurricular for Teenagers:

Levels: A1/A2 - B1/B2 & C1/C2

A. Individual Personal Training 

B. Group Face to Face Training 

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday:

  • Afternoons: 17:00pm to 20:30pm



Cambridge Exams Training Course

Fluent English with Doris k. will Guide You step by step to Improve Your English on a Professional Level.


  • Cambridge Exams Training

    Levels: (PET) B1 / (FCE) B2

    (ACE) C1 / (CPE) C2

  • Group or Individual Training
  • Fluency Speech Training

Discover Your Creative side while Learning English with a Quality Class.

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© 2024 Fluent English D.K.

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